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Get halfway through the week and feel all over the place? This journal can help you set intentions, stay on track, and even recognize patterns in your weekly behavior.

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The Mindset

Ever catch yourself feeling overwhelmed and in need of a good ol' fashioned Mindset Flip? This journal can help you work on situational analysis and introspection to get where you need to be.

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Ever wake up from a dream and wonder "WTF?" This journal will help you document your subconscious messages. It even provides a space to do a little self-analysis on what they mean to you.

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Our Goals

Does your family need a little communication assistance? This journal will help your crew set intentional goals in the group. It also helps provide avenues for how others can participate.

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Our Bedroom

Sharing a bedroom can be a very sacred and vulnerable thing. This journal can help couples start conversations about communication desires as well as make requests for intimacy that's a little risky to talk about aloud.

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Do you love surprise notes and acts of affection from your loved ones? This shared journal is designed so lovers can pass notes of affection, admiration, and appreciation. Armed with starter prompts for those who have a hard time starting love notes.


A notes tool for your life. This journal is for the individual looking to live intentionally but doesn't have time or patience for the fluffy quotes and "feel good" writing prompts found in other journals. Each entry gets to the root of mindful living.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

"I've been using this journal for about 15 weeks now and it has definitely helped me live more intentionally each week. I reflect and update every Sunday before I start a new week. It is fun to see your growth each week and where you can improve."

Jayson D Wall, Amazon Review

5/5 Star Review
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Build Intentional Habits

Intentional living is a lifestyle habit that requires active dedication. With the Weekly Intentions Journal, you will skip the fluff of quotes and lectures and get to the core of your own life.Each week, you'll know what to expect. And you'll learn to make micro-adjustments the more data you collect about your goals, affirmations, and expectations. Being able to review and reflect on your intentions from the start of each week helps you prepare for the life you're actively building every day.It's not impossible, nor is it difficult. It's a matter of taking the time with a tool built for success.

The Cliff Notes to Your Weekly Intentions

For the next 52 weeks, use the journal to set achievable goals, monitor expectations, and identify affirmations that can transform your life. Keeping the pages the same every week helps you know what to expect. It also makes refreshing your memory easy so you can get back on track fast.

Collect Your Own Life Data

Intention setting is nothing without times of reflection. By making time to reflect on your week, you'll learn more about yourself. Where you conquered and where you can improve. Being able to evaluate your own life data will empower you and build confidence.

Two Months to Form a New Habit

A study from University College London found that 91% of people who wrote down when, where, and how long they would perform a new habit were more successful at reaching that 2-month mark. At the start, this journal will help you clarify your intentions to stay on track.

Prompts Include

  • Your Top 3 Goals

  • The Most Exciting Thing This Week

  • This Week's Positive Affirmation

  • Reminders This Week

  • Goal Accomplishment

  • Affirmation Effectiveness

  • What did you do successfully?

  • What could be improved for next week?

  • What worries/fears did you face this week?

  • Additional thoughts about this week

The Benefits

  • A quick, no fluff, intention, and reflection journal. This 52-week journal will help you set realistic and intentional goals. It also helps you become mindful of repeating fears and affirmations. It's built to provide a reflection on what worked and what didn't work, so that each week is an improvement on the last.

  • Reflect and Grow. At the end of the week, you'll have space to reflect on what worked and what didn't. You will gather data to help you learn more about your habits, intentions, worries, and goals. The more you use this journal, the better you'll become at living a more intentional and mindful lifestyle.

  • Self-awareness will empower your life. You will live intentionally week to week. And you will improve your ability to self-reflect on your habits, fears, and intentions. Good Luck! You got this.

  • Paperback includes: This 6x9 book with 114-pages comes 52-weeks of intention tracking. The prompts repeat every week to keep you consistent with your intention and reflection practice.

  • Hardcover includes: COMING SOON

The Mindset Flip

Flip that bad attitude fast! This journal teaches a method of situational awareness, evaluation, and positive mindset flipping.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

"For the last seven years I've been trying to get better at catching my negativity spirals. "Flip your mindset" has become a trendy catchall, but no one actually teaches you how to do it. The method I use comes from my longtime practice with analytical meditation, ho'oponopono, and gratitude practice. This journal combines the necessary steps to at the very least get to a place of gratitude quick."

Amber Wilkinson, Creator

Mindful Instrospection

As human beings, we’re here to learn as much about ourselves as we are about the world around us. When we take the steps to identify what drives us internally we can make better decisions about how we engage outside situations and people. The most enlightening part of finding out more about who we are is digging deep into the moments when we are not at our best. When we complain, instigate, or get stressed out we’re resisting the internal guidance systems of beliefs that put us in those negative mindsets.This journal is meant to help you flip negative mindsets into beliefs of growth and learning. This will help you with mindful introspection and gratitude flipping. By tracking states of resistance/stress we can track what triggers us. The practice of mindful introspection can also help us gain knowledge of our self-limiting beliefs. Once we become aware of these beliefs we can make more mindful decisions on how to flip those mindsets.

Identify the Situation

The first step in any introspective practice is to identify the situation. Being able to acknowledge when you’re in a negative mindset and documenting it will help kickstart the process.

Resistance & Power

Asking ourselves “Why do we feel this way” over and over until we get to the root of our belief systems we can identify what we’re resisting. By identifying where our power is we can identify where we lost control of our inner self. Knowing these things helps us get to the root of our negative mindsets.

Gratitude & Future Pacing

By learning what our root issues were that started our negative experience we’re able to learn more about who we are - and should find gratitude in that knowledge. By taking it a step further we can make a plan of action through our newfound awareness for future moments of stress.

6 Steps Included

  • Step 1: Identify when Stress Arrives

  • Step 2: Identify the Situation

  • Step 3: Identify Resistance

  • Step 4: Identify your Power

  • Step 5: Flip to Gratitude

  • Step 6: Future Pace

The Benefits

  • Flip your bad attitude fast. This journal teaches a method of situational awareness, evaluation, and positive mindset flipping.

  • Improve your stress This tool helps you practice situational awareness with an emphasis on identifying stressors and resistance in your life. By providing a simple six-step method you’ll begin to recognize underlying beliefs that guide you from high-stress levels to calmer states of gratitude.

  • Practice Mindful Introspection. This journal will help you actively practice introspective questioning based on situations where you feel stressed. By identifying self-limiting beliefs that recur in your everyday life you’ll be able to make action plans for shifting those paradigms over time.

  • Return to Gratitude. When we’re in a bad mood or a high-stress situation we struggle to get back to a place of gratitude. This journal will help you work through the source of your high-stress situation and encourage you to identify what you’re learning in those moments about yourself and the world around you.

  • Paperback Includes 6x9 book is a 126-page paperback journal that includes 120 Mindset Flip exercises that are repeated for consistency and routine.

  • Hardcover Includes 6x9 book is a 206-page hardcover journal that includes 200 Mindset Flip exercises that are repeated for consistency and routine.


Dreams can reveal your subconscious. This tool is designed to provide a self-analysis of dreams so that you can get more in touch with the thoughts and feelings you might ignore in your waking life.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

"I've always had whacky dreams. When I started interpreting them they weren't so weird after all. Dreams provide me with an understanding of unconscious fears and repetitive thoughts in my waking life. I made this journal to help me track patterns so that I could become more mindful in my waking life."

Amber Wilkinson, Creator

Track Your Dreams

Tracking your dreams can be a powerful tool for better understanding your desires and fears in life. Some believe that our dreams are a tool of communication for our subconscious mind. They tell us what we might be avoiding, experiencing, or feeling in waking life.By documenting your dreams you can start to see patterns. Those patterns can then be used for introspective analysis and making mindful life changes.

Identify Your Emotions

Identifying your emotions during your dream state as well as after you wake up can help you better interpret your symbols in the right state of mind.If you're like me I sometimes am more scared of a nightmare after I wake up. While dream!Me is being a brave ass bitch fighting off the evil. Interpretations of those emotions can be drastically different. So identifying them is key to a successful interpretation.

Recall Your Dream
And It’s Symbols

Dream recall is important. This journal provides a page to capture the dream as succinctly as possible. Picking out the main symbols and using your interpretation method of choice can help with interpreting the dream's subconscious meaning.While this journal doesn't provide dream interpretations (you'll have to find your own preferred method) it does encourage you to document meanings that resonate with you.

Dream Interpretation

By evaluating your dream's symbols and comparing them to your waking life this journal provides a space to self-analyze your subconscious message. In doing this you can make more mindful choices throughout your day.

The Prompts

  • The type of dream (Nightmare, Adventure, Funny, etc)

  • Emotions During and After your dream

  • Main Dream Symbols

  • Interpretation of those symbols in how it relates to your waking life.

The Benefits

  • Track & Analyze Your Dreams. The prompts offer dreamers the opportunity to recall dreams as well as space to identify symbolism and self interpretations.

  • Dreams can reveal your subconscious. This tool is designed to provide a self-analysis of dreams so that you can get more in touch with the thoughts and feelings you might ignore in your waking life.

  • Identify Dream Symbols. This journal encourages you to identify key dream symbols and identify them using your preferred interpretation methods.

  • Reflect & Interpret your life. Self-analysis of dream symbols is a key to understanding how a dream relates to your waking life. This journal will provide space for you to evaluate your dreams in one quick read/reference area.

  • Paperback Includes: 6x9 book is a 126-page paperback journal that includes 60 dream evaluations that are repeated for consistency and routine.

  • Hardcover Includes: 6x9 book is a 206-page paperback journal that includes 200 dream evaluations that are repeated for consistency and routine.

Our Goals Journal

Boost weekly communication between the family. This tool is designed to help improve family communication. By putting everyone’s main goal for the week in one place, families can work together to support one another.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

"I originally designed this journal as something I wish I had with my family growing up. A place to know what other people's expectations were ahead of time. As well as a space to share what I needed/wanted from family members."

Amber Wilkinson, Creator

Set Goals Together

When a person sets a goal for themselves the intention relies on them alone. But when we set goals as a family or a community the support can help transform a goal into reality. Setting goals together can build a system of accountability. Accountability can help build responsibility, promote confidence, build trust, and improve communication about individual needs.This shared journaling tool is meant for groups and families looking for ways to support one another. Households that aim to support each other through shared action and emotional encouragement will benefit from this tool.

Identify the Goal Type

This goal journal gives each person an option to identify if their goal is personal or a group activity. Because sometimes you just need support from those around you. And other times you want to accomplish things together.

Set Goals & Intentions

Our prompts provide a space to set the goal as well as a place to identify how it will be accomplished by the individual setting it. If a group activity this can open up the conversation for collaborative planning.

Identify What You Need From Others

The Goal Journal includes an area for the goal setter to identify whether they need Assistance, Encouragement, or Presence. As well as space to elaborate on how those around them can help.

The Prompts

  • Your Goal

  • How you intend to accomplish it

  • Do you need Assistance, Encouragement, or Presence?

  • How can others help you achieve this goal?

  • Was the goal accomplished?

The Benefits

  • Set Goals for yourself and your family. The prompts offer insight into each person's intention and need from others within the group for a given week.

  • Boost weekly communication between those in the same household. This tool is designed to help improve family communication. By putting everyone’s main goal for the week in one place, families can work together to support one another.

  • A safe place to share individual goals. This shared journal can help families identify big independent goals that might require presence or assistance. It also helps keep people accountable where they might need a little extra support and encouragement.

  • Open a dialogue by using this communication journal. With the bustle of life, everyone goes about their business. This goal journal will help set group intentions more frequently.

  • Included in Paperback 6x9 book is a 126-page paperback journal that includes 240 goal prompts that are repeated for consistency and routine.

  • Included in Hardcover 6x9 book is a 206-page hardcover journal that comes with 400 goal prompts that are repeated for consistency and routine.

Love Letters

Who doesn't love a love letter? This journal helps everyone get into the practice of sharing our love and affection with each other.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

"I LOVE receiving love letters. No matter how eloquent or caveman they are. I've always believed the simple act of someone writing one for me was a special gift. Plus, I love writing them for people. Making my lovers cry in joy is a feat I relish in. I'll admit I've made this journal for purely selfish reasons. One to help my spouse, a self-proclaimed, 'not-a-writer' get the ball rolling and write me letters. And two, to challenge myself and bring him happy tears on a regular basis. "

Amber Wilkinson, Creator

Express Your Love

When we’re in love things can go unsaid. Love Letters have been a vessel for unspoken admiration, expression, and appreciation for centuries. Historically love letters can give us a peek into the very intimate emotions between two people.This shared journal provides a space for lovers to exchange their most intimate declarations in one place so that they can be looked upon later with fondness.

Whats Inside?

The Love Letter journal is designed with minimal fluff so that you can get the most out of the tool possible. We have provided 60 starter lines that are repeated throughout the book - so lovers can stretch their creativity with new ways to share their devotion to one another.

Starter Line Examples

The world is better with you in it
You have the most incredible
As I write this I can’t help but remember
We have been together for
Having you in my life has changed it for the better
My love for you grows as time passes.
You are a treasure in my life.
Before I met you
You’ve been on my mind
Today I’m asked why I love you.
I always dreamed
Today is a new day and I
Your passion for
I can’t stop thinking about
Being with you
You are always there for me
When I first saw you
I always knew
I hope you know how much you mean to me.
My days are always happiest when

1st 10 Prompts

  • I’m writing to tell you how much I love you …

  • Today I realized you are…

  • You’re the most amazing person…

  • I want you to know that…

  • The moment I knew I loved you was…

  • I love loving you because…

  • When we met I …

  • I’m so grateful you’re in my life …

  • You remind me of …

  • I woke up this morning thinking about you …

The Benefits

  • Share your most intimate thoughts with your lover. Write love letters to be shared between you and your loved one.

  • Build a collection of your sweetest words. This tool is designed to be shared between couples. By sharing a tool like this your relationship will improve in affection, communication, and appreciation.

  • Express your love in one page. By limiting each love letter to a page, this journal allows for the most creative, succinct, and delightful collection of expressions of love.

  • Great for “non-writers. Some of us declared long ago that we are “non-writers.” Therefore writing love letters can be hard and feel awkward. This journal comes with 60 starter lines to inspire even the “worst writer.” This journal can help improve letter writing between couples by making it a collective practice.

  • Included in Paperback: 6x9 book is a 126-page paperback journal that includes 120 love letters with 60 starter lines that are repeated twice for different modes of expression.

  • Included in Hardcover: 6x9 book is a 206-page hardcover journal that includes 200 love letters with 60 starter lines that are repeated twice for different modes of expression.

Our Bedroom Journal

Improve intimacy. This shared journal can make it easier to communicate what we want and need within the bedroom. Communication can improve intimate relationships the more open we are about our desires.

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

"I've been in a relationship with my lover for 12+ years. I created this journal to provide us with a fun way to express our sexual desires. After creating it I realized it could also help us improve our topics of communication beyond 'sexy time.'"

Amber Wilkinson, Creator

Explore Vulnerability & Intimacy

Our Bedroom Journal is designed to open up a relationship to intimacy and vulnerability within a couple's most sacred shared space. This journal is meant for those practicing mindful communication in the bedroom. Asking for what we want and being vulnerable in the private space we share can be scary. Writing our requests down can be less daunting and less aggressive.The first step is to communicate what we want from those around us and then be willing to discuss it. By opening up conversations about our intimate desires we can explore conversations, and other activities each member wishes to explore.

Express your feelings

When making requests from your loved ones it’s important to identify what you feel in the moment about yourself and your spouse. This can those involved in the right mindset to engage the request.

Express your desires

Being able to express your desires can feel uncomfortable in the beginning. We provide a short space to get to the point so that this tool is used as a launching point for communication.

Recieve Quick Feedback

A quick circle of Yes, No, Maybe is not only fun and reminiscent of schoolyard flirtation. But it can also provide a starting point for the discussion around a specific request. Setting intentions to be open for discussion is key to a healthy safe space within every bedroom.

The Prompts

  • Who the request is for.

  • How the requester feels about the receiver.

  • A space to request a specific activity.

  • A confirmation for the receiver to circle Yes, No, or Maybe

The Benefits

  • Communicate what you want in the bedroom. This paperback journal provides space for 480 bedroom requests. The prompts offer a space to express physical and emotional desires with your spouse.

  • Create a safe space. This tool is designed to provide a safe space for couples to share and make requests for activities, conversations, and more within the bedroom.

  • Improve intimacy. This shared journal can make it easier to communicate what we want and need within the bedroom. Communication can improve intimate relationships the more open we are about our desires.

  • Help be more vulnerable. Emotional vulnerability can be terrifying but also empowering when building a life together. This journal will help couples communicate with an open mind so that the practice of vulnerability is done in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • Included in Paperback: 6x9 book is a 127-page paperback journal that includes 240 goal prompts that are repeated for consistency and routine

  • Included in Hardcover: 6x9 book is a 206-page hardback journal that includes 800 bedroom requests that are repeated for consistency and routine.

A Collection for Your Soul


We can't get it right everytime, but we can track it.

Why a Mindfulness Collection?

If you're like me, you've reached a point in your life where things didn't play out the way you thought. You did everything you were supposed to and there was still something missing. After exploring outside yourself - you took a deep breath and decided to go inward.For me, Mindfulness & Introspection changed the way I approach every goal, trigger, and paradigm. These journals were built to help me along my journey and I'm excited to share them with you.

What is the Mindfulness collection?

Each journal in the Mindfulness Collection is designed to offer a no-fluff, to-the-point system for self-evaluation and exploration. Most are designed to provide you with 1 year's worth of tracking for whichever topic you want to journal about.The Mindfulness Collection includes journals for weekly intentions, mindset shifting, and dream tracking. Each journal is designed with as little nonsense self-help rambling as possible so you can get to work on it sooner.

Intentions & Reflections

Weekly Intentions

The Weekly Intentions Journal provides you with a space to set weekly intentions, affirmations, and reminders. It also provides a reflection space for you to reflect on how well your week played out.

Introspection & Analysis

The Mindset Flip

The Mindset Flip Journal helps you document moments of resistance in your everyday life. By walking through a few introspective journaling topics the goal is to flip the negative mindset into a place of gratitude.

Subconscious Tracking

Dream Analysis

Many believe that our dreams are messages from our subconscious. By writing down our dreams and then interpreting them we can see patterns in our inner psyche. This journal provides space for event recall and dream analysis.

A Collection for Your People

Communication Collection

Helping people communicate and connect.

Why a Communication Collection?

Communication is the most important way humans survive. It's how we ask for what we want and need. How we set boundaries. And how we express ourselves. The hard part, of course, is that communicating comes in all formats and tones.Learning how to communicate with those around us, especially the people we care for the most is a quick way to understand harmony and contentment.

What is the Communication collection?

Each journal in the Communication Collection is designed to enhance communication between the people we share our lives with. They're meant to be shared between two or more people.This makes the practice of communication a group effort. It also provides a mutual safe space for conversation starters to begin. It sets an intention of improved communication between our loved ones.

Group Goal Setting

Our Goals

Our Goals Journal is meant to boost weekly communication between those in the same household. Providing a safe place to share individual goals amongst the group, as well as a place to set goals for group activities.

Intimacy & Vulnerability

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom Journal is meant for those who share a bedroom together. This tool is designed to open up a relationship to intimacy and vulnerability.

Admiration & Affection

Love Letters

Love notes can be shared between couples, friends, and even family members. Meant to document admiration and affection for one another this journal provides a place for honest exchanges of intimate emotion.